About your counselors

Alex Tobin - Originally from Petaluma CA, Alex graduated San Diego State University with a BS in Television, Film, and New Media with a Minor in Business Admin. After college he moved to Los Angeles, where he now resides working in the entertainment industry; striving to one day become a television comedy writer. He loves scary shit and hopes to one day spend the night in an abandoned asylum. His favorite candy is Luden's Cough Drops and his favorite ringtone is “Crazy Frog”. .   

David Stokes - All the way from woody Eugene OR, David took his talents to Idaho where he became a Vandal at University of Idaho. He graduated after 14 long years with a Broadcasting and Digital Media degree. He now also lives in LA, just a misshapen stones throw away from Alex. He hopes to one day run a "Giant Boston Terrier Sanctuary" with the love of his life Kuma "Goblin Boy" Stokes. His favorite position is upside down cowboy and boy can he put down a rack of ribs.